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Friday, 14 Dec 2018, 11:18 AM
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Club Clothing

Cycle Clothing
For those of you who do not know, Impsport ( are our suppliers and we have 2 designs available.  periodically I do a bulk order which gives significant discounts on all items. 

There is the white kit and the red kit so please make sure you tell me the colour you want. Shorts (either alone or as part of a skinsuit) are either all black, with white Kiveton Park CC down the side panel or they are black with a white side panel with Kiveton Park CC in black down it, so again please be specific.  Click here to see the red design and click here to see the white design.

Skinsuits can be ordered with or without number tags and also a pocket so again let me know.
There are two different Seat Pads available for shorts etc.  They are the performance pad that comes as standard (click here for spec) and the elite pad that costs an additional £10 ex VAT per garment (click here for spec).  Unless you tell me otherwise I will assume you just want the standard pad.

All sizeing is on their website (Click Here) so please check your sizeing. As items are specially made it will not be able to exchange items that are the incorrect size.

The price list can be accessed by clicking here. Providing we get enough orders together (and usually we do) the price band applicable will probably be 'B' (13-50 items). I will need 50% of the cost on placing the order and the other 50% on receipt but you can pay the full 100% up front if you like.  Please note the prices quoted do not include VAT.  Usually the club pays the VAT but until we know the size of the order that can not be guaranteed. 

Please make cheques payable to Phil Morgan and either give to me or post to me at:- The Four Limes, 27b High Street, Whitwell, Worksop, Notts, S80 4RE

I would prefer it if people email their orders/questions to Phil Morgan at:- rather than ring.

The closing date for the next order is 10th October 2013 (the next club meeting) 
Leisure Clothing
Rachael Eyre has sorted out a supply of polo shirts and fleeces with the Kiveton Park CC logo on.
Polo Shirts are £9.50 and fleeces are £13.50 and are modelled below by our own Mark Booth.
If you would like any of these items please contact Rachael Eyre by email to:-